Stellar Re® commits itself to being truthful, respectful, fair and responsible in all its dealings with business partners, fellow employees and the communities in which it operates. We adopt these 4 fundamental and universal values as our bedrock operating principles:


Open and straightforward business dealings. Honesty and integrity governing all our actions.


Respect for others regardless of their differences, beliefs or opinions.


Fairness is a prerequisite for trust in both our business dealings and personal relationships.


Taking responsibility for our actions is a duty owed to business partners, fellow employees and society in general.




Compliance with Laws and Regulations

It is company policy always to comply with the letter and the spirit of the laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate, and with the regulatory requirements affecting our business. It is every employee’s obligation to ensure such compliance with respect to those company activities for which he or she is responsible. This includes compliance with antitrust, trade securities, copyright, employment, privacy, and other business laws and insurance regulations as well as laws governing criminal offences.

Confidential Information and Privacy

Stellar Re® employees will always respect the confidentiality of information relating to business partners. Taking, downloading, receiving, or possessing trade secret information without the owner’s authorization is not permitted. Stellar Re® prohibits the use of trade secrets of other companies, such as former employers, unless they have consented in writing.

Conflicts of Interest

All officers and employees of Stellar Re® are required to file a signed conflict of interest statement with the corporate secretary annually. The statement requires the signer to declare any and all situations that may impair or have the potential to impair or appear to impair proper independence of judgment and proper performance of duty towards the company and its business partners. Such statements are reviewed by the chief executive officer.

Officers and employees of Stellar Re® are prohibited from giving or accepting bribes, kickbacks and any other illegal or corrupt payments.

Transparency (Commissions & Fees)

Stellar Re® will disclose all commissions and fees earned from a reinsurance contract, to both parties to the contract.


Stellar Re®, its management and staff will aspire to a reputation for possessing the highest possible ethical standards. No member of Stellar Re® will perform or permit any act or omission that, if known, might have the potential to impair that reputation. Not the reputation itself, but the conduct that earns it is the behavioral benchmark.

Harassment-Free Workplace

Stellar Re® is committed to promoting a productive and respectful work environment that is free from unlawful harassment.

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