Stellar Re® continuous achievements through 2007 were once again rewarded by XPRIMM with the prize for the “Most Dynamic Reinsurance Broker of the Year”.

As a reward for the remarkable results obtained in the year 2005, Stellar Re® received the award for the “Most Dynamic Reinsurance Broker of the Year” by XPRIMM.

In recognition of its constant efforts and continuous support to the Romanian insurance and reinsurance market, Stellar Re® was awarded “The Business Initiative of the Year” prize by XPRIMM in 2002.

  • On May 1st, 2012 Stellar Re Intermediaries® was appointed Managing Agent for Europa Re, a catastrophe and weather risk insurance services and reinsurance company in the process of formation established by the governments of Albania, Serbia and FYR of Macedonia to develop catastrophe and weather risk insurance markets in the countries of the Southeast Europe
    To assist countries with the development of their insurance markets for catastrophe perils, Europa Re provides local insurance companies with access to web-based insurance production and claims settlement technologies that support sales of complex catastrophe and weather risk insurance products.Inter alia, the product support services offered by Europa Re to participating insurers include pricing, underwriting, claims settlement, financial and regulatory reporting and risk management. The company will also provide local insurers with an option to reinsure all new business written through the platform. These program features considerably reduce insurers’ production costs, eliminate technical complexity involved in issuing catastrophe and weather risk policies, and are expected to result in lower insurance premium for consumers – mainly households and SMEs.
    Europa Re provides turn-key product support services for the following two main insurance product lines:- Indemnity style catastrophe insurance coverage for damages caused to property and contents by earthquake, flood, and hail.- Parametric index-based weather risk insurance coverage for extreme fluctuations in temperature or precipitation, which will protect buyers against the loss of business revenue due to adverse weather.For more details on the program see
  • Based on the professional expertise and risk management know-how of our team, Stellar Re® was designated as placing broker of the Romanian Natural Catastrophe Pool in 2010, our advisory services being highly appreciated in finding adequate capacity for the reinsurance program.


  • In confirmation of our knowledge and expertise, international institutions such as the World Bank and the United Nations have engaged our professional consultants in the analysis, development and implementation of Natural Catastrophe programs in various countries.


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