ASF: We expect more openness from all companies to settle differences of opinion

“The insurance market will have my full support, and I will do everything in my power to protect the customers’ rights” stated Daniel TUDOR, Vicepresident of ASF, in charge with the insurance sector supervision.

The newly established unified supervising authority of the Romanian financial markets (ASF) was the absolute star of the 2013 edition of FIAR, as all the Romanian professionals were keen to find out details about the authority’s future strategy and plans. Responding to the market’s interest, members of the ASF Council and coordinators of the main departments attended all the conferences, noting the market opinions and answering questions.

Thus, Daniel TUDOR revealed that “the amendment of the Law on mandatory household insurance, according to the measures decided with the professionals associations of the insurers and insurance brokers, UNSAR and UNSICAR, is one of the main ASF’s short term priorities”. Also, maintaining and improving the collaboration with the mentioned associations is part of the ASF’s strategy. On the other hand, ASF expects from the market players more consistency and discipline in applying the best practices, as well as unity, solidarity and directness. “Under current conditions, there should be openness from all companies to settle differences of opinion,” said Daniel TUDOR.

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