The Croatian insurance market is almost ready for the EU accession

“Although we are witnessing a slight decrease in premium production for forth consecutive year, the Croatian insurance market remains sound and stable. Considering the general economic perspectives, we are not really projecting growth for 2013, but there are some signs of recovery and we are expecting a steady evolution,” stated Hrvoje PAUKOVIC, Director of the Croatian Insurance Bureau for XPRIMM.TV.

Speaking about the MTPL segment of the market, he explained that, with an average MTPL premium of EUR 200, which is one of the highest in the region, and 15 MTPL insurance policy providers, the Croatian specialty market proved to be a stable and reliable one.

Considering the EU accession perspective of Croatia, the market is preparing the final legislative changes in order to achieve the full compliance with the EU legislation. “We are currently changing the insurance law and the MTPL law and there are also some ongoing fine tuning operations, so that finally all the EU directives will be covered by the national insurance legislation, including the Solvency II provisions”, said PAUKOVIC.

Watch the video footage in order to find out additional details concerning the Croatian insurance market’s current status and the future perspectives.

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